PVC Coated Wire Mesh & Industrial Products

Sourcing product manufacturing is the first step in the business environment evolution. Finding the right price with the right quality, which is sustainable, can be complicated!

EXIM-Dynamics has China and 'Low Cost Countries' (LCC) sources with a large variety of industrial products that support a vast range of industries and companies. In addition, EXIM-Dynamics provides product sourcing, warehousing, and repackaging services in the U.S. and LCC.

EXIM-Dynamics Delivers

  • Nation wide low cost  provider of PVC Coated Wire Mesh - standard and custom sizes available
  • Sourcing, manufacturing and warehousing of Industrial Metal Products, Plastics and Rubber
  • Onsite quality control in LCC (Low Cost Country)
  • Multi-lingual translation services
  • Logistics management
  • Operations located in the United States, China and Japan
  • Facility construction and management in China with onsite personnel
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